Recent Work


Current Projects and Working Papers

Linking listing and delisting decisions under the Endangered Species Act: A case study of gray wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains

(with Charles Sims, David Finnoff and Alan Hastings)


Wolf and elk Management in a spatial predator-prey ecosystem

(with David Aadland, David Finnoff and Charles Sims)


Using behavioral ecology for management of ecosystem services

(with David Finnoff)


Putting the pieces together: Laboratory evidence on cost structure, contribution and climate change

(with Katie Lee, Brad Perry, Leticia Varelas and Jason Shogren)


Market accessibility and economic growth: Insights from a new dimension of inequality

(with Edward Barbier)


Global land degradation, rural populations and poverty

(with Edward Barbier)


Measuring the health impacts of downriver water pollution externalities in Indonesia: A spatial econometric approach

(with Teevrat Garg and Evan Plous)


Poverty and the spatial distribution of rural population

(with Edward Barbier)


Poverty and the spatial dependence of public infrastructure

(with Edward Barbier)


About me (c.v.)


I am an applied natural resource and development economist. My work, highly interdisciplinary in nature, combines geospatial analysis, mathematical modeling and empirical analysis to examine feedback between natural and human systems.
Recent areas of interest include:
- Using ecology and economics for management of ecosystem services.
- Natural capital accounting and valuation.
- Issues of equality in public good provision.
- Relating poverty and land degradation.
- Relating poverty and public infrastructural investment.
- Examining health impacts of water pollution.




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